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Osceola County Business Spotlight: Meet Kelly Trace from Reach

Tuesday,Sep 12, 2017

In the heart of Downtown Kissimmee, you’ll find Reach, an inbound marketing agency with the goal of helping other community businesses create brands people love by transforming how organizations attract, engage and delight customers. Growing from a one woman operation to a bustling business with 13 employees in just three years, Reach has proven itself as a thriving small business in Greater Osceola. We sat down with CEO Kelly Trace to find out what it’s like to do business in Osceola County.

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7 Locations Available for Development in Osceola County

Thursday,Aug 24, 2017

Looking to relocate or start your business in Greater Osceola? We know that finding the best location for your business is just part of your undertaking, but let us help with this list of seven locations available for development in Greater Osceola.

Central Florida Business Park

With a full construction plan previously approved for up to 2,096,500± square feet, Central Florida Business Park features 193.25± acres for planned industrial development, located adjacent to the Lowes Distribution Center. It has excellent transportation routes and is only 28 miles from Orlando International Airport, 8.8 miles from Kissimmee Gateway Airport and 71 miles from both Port Canaveral and the Port of Tampa.

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Osceola County Business Spotlight: Meet Tom Roehlk from Tupperware

Friday,Jul 28, 2017

Chemist Earl Tupper created lightweight, non-breakable plastic containers in 1946 known as Tupperware. At the time, no products like them existed in the market, which led to Bonnie Wise, a pioneering American saleswoman, creating Tupperware parties to demonstrate the products. She ultimately became vice president of sales for Tupperware in 1951.

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7 Resources for Your Small Business in Osceola County

Friday,Jul 14, 2017

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your small business in Osceola County or are an entrepreneur on the second-stage of your business looking for more resources, there are plenty for you - many available at no cost to your business! From workshops to conferences, roundtables to online webinars, there are a number of different ways an entrepreneur can get the tools to continue to grow and make doing business in Osceola County as seamless as possible.

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Osceola County - NeoCity Masterplan Submitted to Osceola County

Wednesday,Jul 12, 2017

500-acre Technology District will Catalyze Job Creation

Osceola County, Florida – A collaborative vision that lays out how a 500-acre master-planned technology district can grow and develop was presented to County Commissioners on Monday.

After 18 months of work with Osceola leaders and its partners, Perkins + Will presented a masterplan for NeoCity that identifies it becoming a “significant and comprehensive global center for smart sensor, photonics, and nano-technology research and development, big data/predictive analytics, and workforce talent concentration” with a long-term economic output between $25.3 and $28.5 billion.

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Osceola County Business Spotlight: Meet Bert Gyselinckx from imec

Friday,Jun 30, 2017

Founded in 1984, imec is a world-leading nanoelectronics research center based in Leuven, Belgium. With offices in the Netherlands, Taiwan, China, India, and Japan, and more than 3,500 employees worldwide, they are now opening their new research and development design center, at NeoCity in Greater Osceola County, Florida, just outside of the Orlando area.

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Transportation in Osceola County

Wednesday,Jun 14, 2017

Main Atrium at Orlando International Airport

Transportation in Osceola County is easy. You don't have to just take our word for it – take a look at some of the benefits outlined here:

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Osceola County Business Spotlight: Meet Blair Barbour from Photon-X

Thursday,May 25, 2017

Just across the street from NeoCity and BRIDG, you will find Photon-X, a 3D imaging technology facility focused on industries like entertainment, health care and military simulation. Photon-X uses Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI) to create a 3D surface mesh consisting of millions of combined surface segments. We sat down with CEO Blair Barbour to find out what it’s like to do business in Osceola County.

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4 New Projects Underway in Greater Osceola County

Tuesday,May 16, 2017

Being the 18th fastest growing county in the United States, Greater Osceola County is no stranger to growth. But the announcement of these four new projects along Osceola Parkway – an increase of 1,000 jobs or more – is still news we get excited about.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for our community. We are growing steadily and these new additions of the state-of-the-art medical facility, hotel and housing projects only will enhance the lives of Osceola County residents and reinforce our contributions to the overall development of Central Florida,” said Viviana Janer, Osceola County District 2 Commissioner. Take a look at what’s on the horizon for business in Greater Osceola.

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All Systems Go at The Center for Neovation in Greater Osceola

Tuesday,Apr 18, 2017

Greater Osceola opens its doors to the future with the opening of The Center for Neovation, a 109,654-square-foot facility housing both lab and office space. And when we say lab, we mean top-of-the-line laboratories designed for cutting edge research and development.

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